When I was little girl, I found a camera in my parent’s closet and it put a spell on me. I was completely fascinated by its mechanics; its magic to create a still image, and how a single image could tell a big story for years to come.

I found a powerful tool. Being able to harness the camera’s powers has been a driving force in my career.

I love that photography is both a skill and an art, as well as a customer-oriented field.  I aim to inspire others with my work, attitude and work ethic.

I’m not going to lie to you. I’m a strong woman; a hustler and an ambitious workaholic. I'm also open-minded, easy going, and a very passionate creative entrepreneur.

I learned the classical, technical and theoretical aspects of photography from Ithaca College. In addition to my Bachelor’s degree in Cinema, Photography and Visual Arts, I completed a study abroad in Italy.

Since establishing my NYC studio in 2008, I have worked with various publications, commercial photographers (including the ultra-premium Gruber Photography), and worked on various international contracts.

To me, there are no projects too big or too small.

I work closely with all of my clients to achieve your specific goals. I love being able to tell your story with photography. It is an honor to be that person, to be there for you.

The experience of creating and capturing still, beautiful moments is what drives me. The interactions and relationships I create with my clients brings me the greatest joy. To me, there is nothing more personal and beautiful than being able to capture and record events; life's precious moments, rights of passage, and all of the milestones that make up a person's life.

My style is something that might be described as “pretty with a touch of whimsy.” I observe and I capture that raw moment. I am drawn to expressing the joy and fun in the stories I tell.

I am always looking to find my next story. I’m interested in work that’s exciting and creative. I love learning about people and what drives them to be who they are. I want to take every opportunity to experience the world and create images to intrigue and inspire.

Bottom line: I’m fully capable of capturing whatever you need. I will travel, and I deliver a damn good product.  

I also smile a lot—and my real job is to make sure you do, too.